Did you know Pima Schools has a virtual calming room? This site can be used at school or at home in order to offer our students a way to access a myriad of virtual experiences that help students practice mindfulness and de-stressing techniques. Check it out! https://sites.google.com/pimaschools.com/pusd-virtual-calming-room/home
about 1 year ago, Ashley Scorse
Mrs. Connell's class is excited to be back from break and eager to start their animal habitat projects.
about 1 year ago, Stephanie Connell
In science this last week, we had a great time working with worms and how they respond to different types of stimulus. Worms do like to maintain homeostasis.
about 1 year ago, Diana Palmer
Eighth Grade Social Studies just finished a unit on civil rights. The students gave "I Have a Dream" speeches this week. There were so many fabulous speeches given including topics such as "No More Homework", "School Rivalries Being Resolved", "Rodeo Becoming a School Sport", and "You Cannot Erase History". It was such a pleasure listening to the students talk about things they are passionate about!
about 1 year ago, Patti Kempton
Our 4th graders are doing amazing with long division! Please keep practicing multiplication and division facts with your students at home!
about 1 year ago, Emily Lundeen
I know we are at the middle of the winter, and this often leads to students having trouble getting up in the morning and getting going throughout the day. We want to make sure that students continue to show effort and focus. Part of this will be developed with practice, but there are little things we can do to support this learning. Make sure they get good food for their school day, and try your hardest to have them leave home with a positive note. Say something that builds encouragement and demonstrates a belief in their abilities.
about 1 year ago, Ashley Scorse
Positive Expectations
In our class we have been reading fiction and non-fiction books about snow. We have just finished writing a story about our Magical Snowman Friend. We have some great authors in our class! We will end our unit with a snowball fight!
about 1 year ago, Robyn Willis
We are enjoying our novel study on Freak The Mighty.
about 1 year ago, Brittney Henry
Welcome back, I hope everyone had a great Winter break! It is great to be back! 3rd and 4th sped students are continuing to work on their goals. Please encourage students to study their spelling list and read everyday!
about 1 year ago, Jennella Curtis
We are learning about animal habitats in Integrated Science right now. Your students are working on a project all about a habitat of their choice. Ask them what animals they have chosen and learn a new fun fact!
about 1 year ago, Journey Graver
The Seniors in Ms. Weech's Government classes will be going to visit Graham County Superior Court on Feb. 8th, to observe court proceedings & talk to Judge Peterson. We will leave at approximately 8:00am & return approximately 10:15am. Permission slips will be required & students needing to drive from their GIFT class to meet us, should get permission from Mr. Barlow.
about 1 year ago, Carol Anne Weech
Graham County Courthouse
Second Grade is excited to be back to school! We are looking forward to celebrating "Two's-Day" on 02/22/2022!
about 1 year ago, Stacie McBride
Excited for the new website!
about 1 year ago, Tressie Smith
In weights we are recording our last set reps with the weight lifted to encourage failure on the last set. Students should be doing more reps weekly or more weight weekly on their core lifts (dead lift, squat, power clean, and bench).
about 1 year ago, Monica Hancock
Pima Choirs are working hard to prepare for our April 28th concert!
about 1 year ago, Mike Bradley
Shout out to the 6th Graders for finishing their opinion essays this week! They wrote in response to the question, "Should cellphones be allowed in schools?"
about 1 year ago, Heather Udall
We are having a great time working on our individual goals in Special Ed.
about 1 year ago, Mrs. C. Kent
children reading
We are enjoying learning about the 50 states and their capitals. Students have been writing letters to relatives and friends throughout the United States asking for a postcard and information from that state. We are trying to collect postcards from all 50 states. It's been a fun challenge.
about 1 year ago, Debbie Turley
We have been busy learning about the Industrial Revolution in our class! We had a blast turning our country villages into thriving urban areas with factories, tenements, and even a steam engine train!
about 1 year ago, Bonni James
Tate Smith and Eliza Day are the two top spellers in the 8th grade, and they will compete in the upcoming Pima District Spelling Bee. The alternate is Camden Bryce.
about 1 year ago, Mark Squires